Media Diary: Life without TV and Radio


Well, I begin to realize that I have relied on internet more than I thought, and I don’t really need TV and radio in my life!

I woke up at 11:30 again in the morning (I usually sleep at 3 a.m.); and I turned on my computer after that. I almost repeat everything I did yesterday: checked my three emails, logged in my Facebook, got on MSN, went on e-learning, went to a news website to see the news (Today is Yahoo Taiwan again.), and went to Youtube to listen to some music. I also checked my phone to see whether there were any messages. My mom emailed me to ask my opinion about whether she should do a cosmetic surgery or not; I wrote back telling her that she is already very beautiful, she won’t need that. After that, I went to school to have a class. During the class, my classmates had a presentation and they used power point to help them with it. So I stared at the big screen for almost an hour. It was a quite interesting topic, which discussed about the relationship between intercultural communication and history.

I went to the library after dinner, listened to the radio on the car but still didn’t notice what I was listening. I think I personally don’t really consider radio as an important media. I stayed in library until 1:00 a.m., during that time, I wrote the media diary and I wrote an essay about the relationship between China and Taiwan; therefore, I went on Wikipedia to search the information both in English and Mandarin. I also used Google scholar and searched on online journal. During my homework writing, I logged on the Facebook and MSN. And of course, I used Google dictionary about a hundred times. Also, I went to PTT2 (a famous bulletin board system in Taiwan) to check out whether there were any new comments on my personal board. I used to write my diary there every day; however, after I started to use Facebook, I write fewer diaries there. But I still like to write stuff on it; only a few of my close friends can see it, so I can actually “be myself” in there, using any words I like in my post. I think I relied on that space a lot. The only traditional media I used was reading my textbook and reading a printed journal.


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  1. Mindy McAdams
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 10:26:24

    Three e-mails: Do you have separate ones for different kinds of people?

    Did you know you can forward other e-mails to ONE Gmail address and organize all your e-mails in one place? 🙂

    MSN: Is this MSN Spaces? Are you reading the blogs of your friends back home? Please clarify in your next Media Diary post!

    On PTT2, do you communicate with the same people you see on MSN and/or Facebook? Or do you have different, separate friends on each of these three? How much overlap is there among the three places for you?


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