Media Diary: No TV, no radio and NO PRINTED MEDIA


I woke up at 1 p.m. today…  I didn’t feel very well and this is the third day I get a cold and having asthma attack. I feel so weak. Well, after I got up, I did everything as yesterday. I checked my three emails.  I did consider about whether I should forward all my emails to Gmail, but I was too lazy to look up how to do it, although a lot of people tell me to do so. Haha. I think I am a conservative person who likes to stick with old things. I use my Hotmail to communicate with my friends in Taiwan and doing online shopping; I use my Gatormail to do my schoolwork. I was going to use my Gmail to communicate with my family and close friends, but my Mom just keeps sending me the emails to my Yahoo account (which I don’t want to use it anymore). So I think I will still have to stick with Yahoo for a while. I left home at 2:00p.m. to drive my boyfriend to fix his car; I didn’t even listen to radio today. I went to Publix for preparing my dinner and I went home to cook chicken soup, vacuum my room, and do my laundry.

I didn’t know why time passed so fast, but when I come back to my computer, it is already 9:00 p.m.. I logged in MSN and logged in Facebook, and I checked my email again. MSN is not a blog; it is actually Windows Live Messenger. I just don’t know how did the name MSN came up… all of my friends call it MSN. I also logged in my Ptt2 to see new comments on my board. I think I mostly contact all of the people I know on Facebook; and I chat with people I am closer to on MSN (i.e. classmates I met here); only my closest friends can see my PTT2 board, for there are a lot of private thoughts and secrets inside. There are only about 15 people can see it. Most of them are the friends I met during high school and undergraduate. I went to Youtube to listen to some old song today and I find this so good. No TV, no radio and no printed media today. My head aches.


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  1. Mindy McAdams
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 09:32:42

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Gainesville is a bad place for allergies!

    One of the nice advantages of Gmail is that it gets rid of most spam automatically. You never even see it! It works so well, I am very surprised when I see even one spam e-mail.

    Ha ha, you spent SEVEN HOURS offline? Maybe that is a personal record?

    So it sounds like you have carefully separated the people you contact in MSN and the people you contact in PTT2. Are there some people you contact in both places, or no one?


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